Rich supplier resources

Rich supplier resources

Excellent purchasing team

Rich supplier resources

Rich supplier resources

Rich resources

Engineering team

Excellent purchase

Strict inspection

Rich resources

Choose Us, Quality Assured!

Optimal SolutionBOM Is Not A Problem

Pingtai help clients get access to effectiveness and efficiency on component procurement.

Rich ResourcesLong-term Strategic Partners Support

Pingtai has numerous famed domestic and international qualified vendors for quality and support guaranteed services.

Strong Bargain PowerLarge-Volume Makes Price More Affordable

Pingtai can make full use of large-volume purchase of products to reduce costs for our clients.

Experienced Engineering TeamCarefully Selected, Caring Services

Pingtai’s excellent procurement team averagely have more than 5 years industry experience, to ensure familiarity with major suppliers’ product features and processes.

Strict Quality ControlQuality Is Our Top One Consideration

Pingtai has established a very strict inspection and testing system to control any processing quality or losses.