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Development Path


Jishui Pingtai

Established: 2020

Products: automotive board, multilayer board, high frequency board, 5G base station, SMT

Area: 100,000 SQM

Employees: 800

Capacity: 120,000㎡/month

Shenzhen SMT House

Established: 2013

Products: SMT

Area: 5,000 SQM

Employees: 400

Capacity: 120,000㎡/month

Suichuan Pingtai

Established: 2004

Products: Multilayer, High Frequency/High Speed, Metal-Based,Thick copper plate, extra long plate, ceramic plate, SMT

Area: 18,000 SQM

Employees: 500

Capacity: 50,000㎡/month

Wan’an Pingtai

Established: 2004

Products:Single and double layers, high frequency/high speed, thick copper, alluminum

Area: 18,000 SQM

Employees: 320

Capacity: 30,000㎡/month

Shenzhen Pingtai

Established: 2001

Products:Single and double layers, multilayer, Alluminum board

Area: 13,000 SQM

Employees: 500

Capacity: 20,000㎡/month

Since 2016, moved to Jaingxi

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